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Welcome to Fitnesse Boutique by Tiffany

Stylized fitness that FITS so well

We understand that Wellness is all encompassing.


About Tiffany's Fitness Boutique

Wellness is all encompassing 

Fitness Boutique by Tiffany offers results driven Health & Wellness services.  We understand that Wellness is all encompassing.  At Fitness Boutique by Tiffany we offer a variety of class formats to suit individual clients needs & desires ranging from Boot Camp style classes to Pilates Reformer.  We also offer nutritional support and education, as our main intention is not only for our clients to transform, but for them to have the tools that will allow them to sustain their habits/ regimen. 


Be Apart of A Community

We are more than a gym

When you come to Fitness Boutique, you soon realize that it is more than a gym.  The community-like setting offers built-in accountability and encouragement. That, along with the numerous challenging, yet fun class formats sets Fitness Boutique apart.  We offer Yoga, Pilates, Glute Camp, Total Body, HIIT, Rebounding (trampoline), & Xtreme Step with Tiffany. The classes not only allow you to put together a program that fits your personality, it allows you to touch upon all components of fitness such as Strength, Cardio & Flexibility. 



Passionate Experts Committed to Your Success

At Fitnesse Boutique by Tiffany, our team of certified trainers and nutritionists are passionate about helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. We're committed to your success and will go above and beyond to ensure that you have the support and guidance you need to transform your body and your life.

Our Classes

At Fitness Boutique by Tiffany we offer a variety of class formats to suit individual clients needs & desires ranging from Glute Camp, Pilates, to Yoga.


Group & Individual Workout Classes


Pilates Mat

This class is focused on targeting your body's Powerhouse- your core! Your Core helps to stabilize and support your entire body, allowing you to feel stronger and to move with more ease.  You will strengthen & lengthen your muscles simultaneously while focusing on the Pilates principles: Breathing, Concentration, Control, Centering , Precision, and Flow

Glute Camp

It’s not all about the aesthetic. A great pair of glutes enhances your power output, keeps back pain at bay, and so much more.  This class will call out any weakness you may have, as we sculpt, lift, and strengthen your backside. Oh, and they will look great in a pair of jeans!

Power Bounce

This class utilizes mini trampolines/rebounders to create a low impact, fun form of cardio. You will groove to the music, while getting your heart rate up. Get all the benefits of running, without the same impact to your knees.

Xtreme Hip Hop

Move those feet, lean, rock, and dance all while bringing back the beloved step aerobics workouts from the past. It's Founder Phillip Weeden added a new twist, by incorporating hip hop music and moves. Come join the class and make step great again!

Total Body Burn Class

This Total Body Burn class is set to challenge your body in ways unimaginable. Set for all fitness levels, we will be combining different techniques to always keep your muscles guessing. You will see HIIT Training, Circuit Training, and Bootcamp style training in this class consisting of a mixture of strength and cardio. You will get personalized attention as you move through your workout. Class will end with a guided stretch to lengthen your muscles and walk out feeling amazing!

Restorative Yoga

Too often, we are moving a mile a minute, and forget to take time to rest & reset. This class centers around deep stretches that are held for long periods of time. This allows the body as well as the mind to open & release tension. You will walk away feeling grounded physically, mentally & spiritually 

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Track Your Progress and Achieve Your Goals

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